Ignition control unit Moto Guzzi Sachse alternator Ducati Energia


compatible with stock ignition coils.

Amazing digital ignition system with 9 selectable ignition advance curves and rev limit settings. With a more modern hall-effect signal and even diagnostic capability, there is no more advanced unit available today! Light weight, easy to install and operate, and German build quality all in one unit. Expect easier starting, better throttle response and more protection for your coil. Functions: per revolution of the crankshaft starting from TDC, the momentary peripheral speed is determined and by this means, the time up to ignition is calculated. Because the peripheral speed varies substantially during acceleration, this long measurement is selected in order to determine a relatively exact measurement. The following computation of ignition timing is divided into 4 ranges: 0-400rpm: starting range, ignition always at TDC 400-1.000rpm: idling range, 2°-8° advanced ignition, depending on curve selection 1.000-6.200rpm: partial load range, the spark advance adjustment occurs here 6.200-10.000rpm: maximum load range, constant 32° to 39° advanced ignition, depending on curve selection.


ignition box dimensions: width 70mm, height 20mm, length 85mm
no distributor required: no breaker points needed, replaced by hall effect sensors
microprocessor controlled ignition curve
free from wear: long life
easy installation

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