The safe and reliable e-commerce that protects buyers and sellers.
To get back on the road with no worries!

At your side in your search and purchase

Our team of specialists will be ready to help you. In addition, the purchasing process itself can be brokered by a Recambio contact person to ensure maximum fairness and transparency.

Payment by deposit and guarantee service

Thanks to Recambio’s escrow service, your purchase is completely safe: we will hold the amount in our escrow account for up to 14 days. So your money will be safe until you receive the purchased replacement part.

Shipping handled by RECAMBIO

We have corporate agreements in place with global shippers. The seller only needs to worry about packing the replacement part according to the guidelines provided to him and make arrangements with the shipper for pickup. We have developed dedicated software to verify both the part and its packaging before shipment, so as to avoid disputes about it. Buyers will be able to track the shipment of their purchase.

Strict guidelines for traders

Strict rules are in place on our platform for your safety. Before they can sell on our platform, merchants are screened and verified by our Quality & Safety team, they must provide a business address and a VAT number. We check ads from both individuals and dealers to avoid the presence of counterfeit or custom parts, with the goal of offering original or compliant parts. Real reviews are an additional guarantee of safety.

Legal right of withdrawal of 14 days

Is the replacement part you purchased defective or does it not meet your expectations? No problem! You have 14 days to invoke your legal right of withdrawal and get a full refund immediately without complications.